Sustainable change starts with individuals.

A successful company is continually re-evaluating how it can best supply the products and services in the face of ever-changing client demand, and how they can stay one step ahead of rival firms, improve the efficiency of their operation, and keep costs down. Nowadays it is also important to assess how new digital and social technologies can best work for you, considering their potential in terms of managing internal know-how, staff, and client relations. This involves continually planning change, identifying and pursuing objectives for improvement. 

This evolution can run smoothly, or it can be disruptive, and it cannot be achieved without the commitment of individuals to the cause. Sustainable change cannot be achieved without all the staff on board. Only together can their full potential – their skills, experience, and creativity – be harnessed, making them efficacious agents for change.

MIDA is here to assist senior management in engaging staff in company evolution, making them active participants, by constructing processes for change, effective engagement dynamics, and architecture for learning.

Our area of expertise, the human face of business, gives us the edge. When we analyse a business, we don’t merely assess figures and performance, we look beyond to the systems behind them, to what gives a company its unique identity. This enables us to help decision-makers identify and embark upon the right path to success with the maximum sustainability and the minimum effort. We also make sure that our projects transfer skills to the company, which is best achieved through the creation of mixed project teams.

We have successfully developed projects for change in large, small and medium-sized companies operating in various sectors. While we do not ascribe to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy, we do believe that the most successful interventions rely on tried and tested methods. Our tailored approach ensures that our projects are as unique as your company, each expertly designed to suit your particular needs.

Intervention areas

Interventions aimed at improving results by producing a decisive change in one or more components of your business.
Interventions designed to drive continual improvement by focussing on specific areas of the workflow.
Strategies for improving cohesion, making common goals, and successful operation of company leadership teams.
Creating and analysing a ‘snapshot’ of the company, identifying any room for improvement and setting in motion effective and sustainable strategies for change .
Analysing workflows and responsibility assignment (RACI matrix), defining the organisational structure, and measuring workloads to ensure your company stays fighting fit.
Assisting your HR Managers to conduct a check-up of your Training & Development system and define effective learning strategies that are coherent with your business priorities, personnel employability, and digital transformation, helping you design and manage your Learning Academy and Learning Community.
Innovative structured education systems that take real-life business challenges and work projects as opportunities for active learning, supported by the latest digital technology, social platforms, and the dynamics of gaming.


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