Successful organisations have a wealth of skilled, passionate people with effective, flexible behaviours that are in line with their business’ challenges. Our job is to translate this model into your everyday standard
A shared mindset We are an independent business consulting firm with nine partners and thirty consultants. By pooling our expertise and experiences, we have created a shared mindset that embodies our intense passion for what we do, our infinite drive for innovation, and our ability to deliver sound results within an agreed timeframe. discovery the team
Behavioural transformation & Personal Development We work with you on the design of all our initiatives, especially those involving behavioural transformation and personal development. To bring about changes that positively impact performance and your results, our consultants employ a methodological approach that encompasses: • An in-depth understanding of the company’s situation (culture, organisation and requirements); • Attention to detail and the utmost care during every phase of the process; • A systemic approach; • An understanding of the psychological and behavioural dynamics in the individual-group relationship; • Monitoring adopted behaviours and their effective continuity.
Our journey began with the vision of a group of young pioneers who recognised the growing need for consulting services and established MIDA, Methods and Ideas for Business Management. From day one, our mission focused on helping businesses to make strategic choices, organise the company and manage personnel
Thanks to the perceptiveness of Maurizio Castagna and his expertise in the field of adult learning, we developed an original, distinctive approach to focusing on managerial and behavioural training.
The business went from strength to strength: our small sartorial business became one of the top Italian consulting firms for training and development, guiding major national and international players through the maze of myriad challenges posed by change
With the economic fabric torn by a game-changing process of organisational and cultural transformation, learning and developing skills is no longer enough. People now need to be tougher and more independent on an emotional and psychological level. This is when we stepped up our development of new approaches designed to ensure individual and group empowerment.
The digital revolution and globalisation transformed human behaviour into a genuine strategic asset for corporate growth. The success of a business depends increasingly more on how engaged its human resources feel, their ability to evolve, satisfaction and day-to-day level of wellbeing. At MIDA, this is when we took up the challenge of behavioural transformation and personal development.