services Our corporate consulting services The behavioural transformation and personal development specialists. Working in synergy with your business goals, we design and develop whatever actions are needed to transform behaviours and generate measurable, solid results. All our initiatives are tailored to your unique traits: your history, values, your team’s distinctive anthropological specificities, your past, present and future challenges, and the business models that guide your operations. There are four dimensions to our projects for change:

We spur corporate innovation by developing skills and proactive behaviours. More specifically, we design learning experiences and phygital ecosystems that incorporate:

  • Social learning
  • Formal learning
  • Learning on the job

We motivate corporate transformation, tackling and overcoming even the most complex critical issues.

To achieve this we develop empowerment programmes using:

  • Coaching and team coaching
  • Brain training
  • Mindfulness

We optimise the corporate organisation, offering an outlet for people’s passions and mobilising their energy.

Our team of consultants place their entire range of specialist skills at your disposal to produce:

  • Collaboration and idea-generation social platforms
  • Onboarding programmes and events
  • Gamification projects
  • Coaching initiatives for the management and team engagement
  • Edutainment to help to promote life skills (podcasts, docufictions, etc.)
HR Process

We enhance the value of human resources, designing processes and environments for developing talent. More specifically, we offer the opportunity to develop a broad spectrum of projects:

  • Talent management
  • Employee journeys
  • Internal surveys
  • Assessments
  • Competency mapping
  • Performance management
  • Social enterprises
  • Innovation and innovative spirits
A large family of experts at your service. The challenges to overcome are manifold, as are the developing needs of any business. Claiming that we can offer you the best consulting services in any field would be presumptuous, which is why we have established a vast network of professionals. By working together and sharing our expertise and skills, we provide more of what you need. So, meet the members of the MIDA family: Neocogita, OTA Academy and Fondazione Human Plus. Visit their websites and discover how many new opportunities for personal and professional growth await you:
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